Tender & Notices

Tender & Notices



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As per Uttar Pradesh Government Policy all the tenders of this institute are published at http://etender.up.nic.in
> Tree Auctionnew January 22nd, 2020 Notice
> Tree Auction December 19th, 2019 Notice
> Tree Auction November 28th, 2019 Notice
> Tree Auction November 06th, 2019 Notice
> Tree Auction October 16th, 2019 Notice
> Vehicle Auction July 19th, 2019 Notice
> Vehicle Auction July 7th, 2019 Notice
> Tree Auction June 222nd, 2019 Notice
> Tree Auction May 27th, 2019 Notice
> Tree Auction February 25th, 2019 Notice
> Local Purchase of Medicine(s), Surgical(s), Implant(s) February 25th, 2019 Notice
> Tender Information Liquid Medical Oxygen April 24th, 2018 Notice
> Tender Information of instruments August 31th, 2017 Notice
> Tender For Paediatric Department June 29th, 2017 Notice Arterial Blood Samplers and Capplilarles for ABL 80
Bubble Cpap Machine
Laminar Flow System
Neonatal Ventilator
Portable Ultrasound-USG
Portable X-ray Machine
Sensor Cassette for ABL80 For size 100. 60 200-600 and 300-660
Servo Controlled Radiant Warmer With Bassinet
> Tender For General Surgery Vascular Set December 23th, 2016 Notice General Surgery Vascular Set
Skin Grafting Mesher
Animal Blood Analyser
Autoclave (B)
Body Fat Analyser
Compound Microscope
Preistley Smith Perimeter
> Tender For Bio Medical Waste December 07th, 2016 Notice Bio Medical Waste
> Tender For Medicine[Local Purchase] October 05th, 2016 Notice Local Purchase-Medicines
> Tender For Eye Bank October 04th, 2016 Notice Tonometer
> Retender For Equipments September 16th, 2016 Notice BERA
Nerve Conduction and EMC
Animal Blood Analyzer
Body Fat Analyzer
Compound Microscope
Preistley Smith Perimeter
Laparoscopic Hand Instrument
Vascular Set
Skin grafting Smesher
OT Table Automated
Naphroscope 24
OT Furniture Like Instruments
Uerterscope 9.8
> Retender For Equipments August 11th, 2016 Notice Furniture Like Instruments
Laparoscope Set
OT Table
Skin Grafting Smasher
Vascular Set
High Temperature Steam
Nerve Conduction EMC
Autoclave A
Autoclave B
Animal Blood Analyser
Body Fat Analyser
Compound Microscope
Preistley Smith Perimeter
> Tender For Equipments July 22th, 2016 Notice Biological Safety Cabinet
Deep Freezer
Imported Non Contact Tonometer
> Tender For Bio-medical Waste Disposal [FY-2016-17]new July 30th, 2016 Notice Tender Documents
> Tender Extension for Instruments [FY-2016-17]new July 30th, 2016 Notice
> Tender for Instruments [FY-2016-17]new July 05th, 2016 Notice Phaco Machine
CardioTocography machine
Animal Blood Analyser
High Temperature Steam disinfection System
Nerve Conduction EMC
Embalming Machine
Fully Automated Bio chemistry Analyser
Elisa Reader & Washer
3 part Haematology
ECG Machine 3 channel
Syring Infusion Meter
Binocular Microscope
Electrolyte Analyser
Fully Automated 5part Cell Counter
Body Fat Analyser
Compound Microscope
Preistley Smith Perimeter
Laparoscopic Set
External Fixator Set
Furniture Like Instruments
OT Table
Skin Grafting Smasher
Vascular Set
> Tender for Remaining Medicines May 20th, 2016 Notice Tender Form
> Tender for Building Repair April 12th, 2016 Notice Tender Form
> Tender Information Equipments April 07th, 2016 Notice Plasma Thawing Bath
Plasma Expressor
Tube Sealer
> Tender Information of Cautery machine February 29th, 2016 Notice Tender Documents
> Tender Notice for X rays machine January 28st, 2016 Notice X-Rays machine 500mA
X-rays machine static 600mA
> Corrigendum for Tender Notice of equipments January 20th, 2016 Notice
> Corrigendum for Tender Notice of equipments January 15th, 2016 Notice
> Tender Notice for various equipments for blood bank January 14th, 2016 Notice C-Arm
Fully Automated HPLC Technlogy for HBA1C
Automated slide Steiner for Cytology
VDRL Shaker
Dry Bath Incubator
Serological water bath 37inches
Serological Water bath 56inches
Blood bank scale
Plasma Thawing Bath
Elisa Reader and Washer
Cryoprecipitate bath
Deep Freezer 400C
Platelete incubator and Agitator
Donor Couch
Bench Top Di-Electric Blood Bag tube Sealer
Manual Plasma Expressor
Bio-Safety Cabinet
Nano Cool Portable Freezer/Refrigerator for using camp and Ambulance
> Tender for supply of medicines, rubber goods & Surgical Items December 07th, 2015 Notice Tender Documentnew
Tender Document
> Corrigendum for Multipara instruments of ICCU/ICU November 28th, 2015 Notice Multi-para Monitor
> ICCU/ICU s' instruments details November 23rd, 2015 Notice Multi-para Monitor
> Corrigendum of Multipara Monitor Sept 18, 2015 Notice Multi-para Monitor
Multi-para Monitor(Paed.)
> Tender for Equipments Sept 14, 2015 Notice Bone Disarticulate
EMG Bub Feed Back
External fixator set
Multipara Monitor
Pelvic Acetabulam
Radiant Warmer
> Tender for Equipments Aug 28, 2015 Notice Ventilator (Adult)
Multipara Monitor
> Tender for Equipments Aug 17, 2015 Notice Original Bone Disart.
Digital Incubator
External Fixator Set
Pelvic Acetabulam
Vertical Digital autoclave
Digital Centrifuge
radiant Warmer
Spectro photometer
EMG Bub Feed back
> Tender Information Aug 01, 2015 Notice X-rays machine 500MA
X-rays machine SU 300MA
X-rays machine SU 600MA fluoroscopy
USG with Color doppler
Multipara Monitor
> Corrigendum for C-Arm July 14, 2015 Notice C-Arm (Anaes.)
C-Arm (Ortho.)
> Tender for Radio-diagnosis dept. July 06, 2015 Tender Notice X-Ray 300MA
X-Ray 500MA
Mobile X-ray machine 30MA
Mobile X-ray machine 60MA
X-Ray Machine static unit 600MA
USG color doppler
> Corrigendum for Laparoscope July 13, 2015 Corrigendum Laparoscope
> Tender of Instruments July 03,2015 Tender Notice Original Bone disarticulated
Incubator Digital
Ext. Fixator Set
Pelvic Acetabulum
C-Arm (Ortho.)
Op. Microscope(Neuro Surg.)
Vert. Digital Autoclave
D igital Centrifuge
Radiant Warmer
Bubble C-pap
Spectro photometer
EMG bub feed back
Laparoscope Set
> Tender for running Cafeteria June 17, 2015 Tender Notice Cafeteria
> Tender for Instruments

May 20, 2015

Tender Notice Orig. Bone Disarticul.
Ext. Fixator
Palvic Acetabulam
C-Arm (ortho)
Opr. Microscope
Vertical Digital Autoclave
Centrifuge Digital
Radiant Warmer
Bubble C-Pap
EMG Bub Feedback
> Tender Notice for running Cafetaria May 20, 2015 Tender Notice Cafetaria
> Tender for Paediatrics under NRHM May 13, 2015 Tender Notice Radiant Warmer
Bubble C Pap
Mobile X-ray machine
Neo-natal Ventilator
Laminar Flow System
Portable USG



Tender of Instruments required for ICU May 11, 2015 Tender Notice



Multi para Monitors

> Tender for Maintenance of Mechanized Laundary & CSSD May 02, 2015 Tender Notice


Mechanized Laundry

> Tender for Supplying Medical gases May 02, 2015 Tender Notice Medical Gases
> Instruments for Paediatrics Department Under NRHM project new 16/03/2015 Notice








> Tree Auction new 05/02/2015 Notice Form
> Tender for Nuero Surgery, Surgery, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedic departments equipment new 05/02/2015 Notice C-Arm Laparoscope Set Neuro-Surgical Microscope Set
> Parking Tender 06/01/2014 Notice Form
> MRI Tender 06/01/2014 Notice Form
> Re-tender for MRI 03/12/2014 Notice Form
> Tender for MRI 15/11/2014 Notice Form
> Tender For Gas Pipeline, Building Repair, Medical Campus Cleaning By IV Grade Manpower Outsourcing 10/11/2014


Notice Building Repair

Out Sourcing

Gas Pipeline

> Medical Corrigendum 15/10/2014 Notice Form
> Tender form of Chemicals, Anaesthesia Machine Maintenance, Gas pipe line Maintenance, Medicine, surgical items and rubber goods 07/10/2014 Notice Chemicals

Form 2

Form 3


> Tender form for Diet Article and Building Maintenance 07/10/2014 Notice Diet Articles

Building Maintenance

> Tender of MRI & CT Scan Machine(s) 04/10/2014 Notice  [ MRI ]
[ CT Scan ]
> Tender Modification Information 23/09/2014 Notice [paediatric Ventilator]

[ Adults Ventilator ]

> Tender Updating Information 20/09/201 Notice  
> Manufacturer for supply & installation of State of the 64 Slice CT Scanner 10/09/2014 Notice Form
> Manufacturer for supply & installation of State of the 1.5 Tesla MRI system 10/09/2014 Notice Form
> Tender for supply & installation of equipments 23/08/2014 Notice Form

> Tender for supply & installation of equipments 23/08/2014 Notice Form

> Different  Equipments for paediatrics Department 06/03/2014 Notice
[Multiple Para Monitor]
[Syringe Pump]
[Phototherapy Double Surface]
[Pelvic Acetabulam Fixation Set]
[Neonatal Ventilator]
[Mobile X-rays Machine]
[Ext Fixator]
[Infant Warmer Neonatal]
> Tender Notice for Security Guards 26/02/2014 Notice  
> Cafeteria/Electric Goods/Stationary/CCTV Cameras 21/02/2014 Notice  
> Equipments for Different Department 19/02/2014 Notice Form
> Different  Equipments for paediatrics Department 19/02/2014 Notice [ X-Ray Machines]
[ Neonatal Ventilator ]

[Pulse Ox- meter]

> Corrigendum for Tender of MRI & CT Scan Machine(s) 11/02/2014 Notice [ MRI ]
[ CT Scan ]
> Supply & Installation For Machineries & Equipments 05/02/2014 Notice [ MRI ]
[ CT Scan ]
> Tender Update Notice 22/01/2014 Notice Form
> Tender Notice For supply and installation of the Machineries & Equipments 06/01/2014 Notice [ MRI ]
[ CT Scan ]
Microscope [Neuro-Surgery]



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"Hands-on" training programme 09/04/2011 Notice